one fine day i suggested to my friend colin that we shoot a video with his band i draw slow all in one take, and try to record the sound beautifully as well. that was 'swans', and i've gone on to make a few more since - sometimes live, sometimes not. my dad is a musician, but he didn't want us to be musicians unless we really couldn't do anything else. so i'm just trying to get as close as i can, you know? 

Little Green Cars

Easier Day

"I've been away for a long time..."

Made on the Canon 6D in Tokyo with Adam O'Regan 

Sinéad O'Connor

8 Good Reasons

(maybe 9 now...)

Shot on the RED Epic by Cathal Watters





Vladimir & Anton Jablokov

Hungarian Dance No. 5

Theatre Royal, Waterford

Conon 5D / Movi heroically  operated by Paddy Jordan

The Coronas  

All The Others

What are you doing with all your energy?

Shot on the RED Epic by Piers 'Epic' McGrail

The Hot Sprockets


100+ origami birds, 20+ friends, 5 Hot Sprockets, 3 projectors & 1 powerful moustache.

Shot on the RED Epic by Cathal Watters 

I Draw Slow   


A girl, a boy, and a love story gone wrong.. Shot on a RED by Cathal Watters in the Hacienda Bar in Dublin.

With the legend that is Aidan Gillen, the fair Louise Holden, and a motley crew of friends and family...


Forget Me Knots

"It's alright not to feel okay"

Shot over 7 days in Dublin by Jamie Tanner, we had the most amazing time filming with so many of Ellie & Louise's friends...

The Noriana Kennedy Trio  

Dear My Maker: A Live Recording

With Noriana Kennedy, Nicola Joyce & Noelie McDonnell

Shot in Ballintubbert House, Co. Laois by Andrew Legge; recorded on six mics by Hugh Fox, and performed live by the band. This was take 14 :)

This Club

Add It Up

Shot on a Canon 60D, iPhone 4 & a motion control rig...

This Club

I Won't Worry

Shot with Ivan McCullough on Canon 60Ds

Directed by Rory 'Rosie' Bresnihan

The Larkfield Four

Down by the Riverside 

Shot with Ivan McCullough on two Canon 60Ds, recorded on 6 mics by Hugh Fox, and performed live in the Waldorf Babershop, Dublin

I Draw Slow

Swans: A Live Recording 

Shot on Killiney Hill by Ivan McCullough; recorded on 8 mics by Hugh Fox & performed live by the band