What if Jesus came back? What if he was bricking your car on the Saintfield Road?

Written and performed by the amazing Oona Doherty - Dave Tynan & me were just along for the ride. Music by the insanely brilliant David Holmes. Nice piece on it here... 


Colm Tóibín on 'Nora Webster'

A total honour to spend time with such an amazing writer.

For the Guardian, 2014

Corduroy (2010, 10 mins)

With Caoilfhionn Dunne, Domhnall Gleeson & Ruth Negga 

Selected for the 60th Berlinale, Generation 14Plus section, 2010

Produced by Eimear O'Kane in association with the Irish Film Board 'Signatures' scheme


sad violin thing

made with Ruairi O'B, Vera M, a RED camera and a garden hose


all that fall

no leaves were harmed in the making of this video


the blizzard of twenty ten

Spacemen Three (2008, 12 mins)

In space, no one can hear you scream like a little girl.

With Pat Shortt, Peter McDonald & Michael McElhatton

Produced by Lucy Dyke for the Irish Film Board 'Short Cuts' scheme, in association with RTÉ


making the monster

shot on a tiny, long-lost camera while shooting zombie flick 'Flick' 


the gardener

made with vera m on the sunniest day in ireland that i can ever remember, ever

Guilty of love  (2000, 5 mins)

NYU Short, 16mm. I appear as the nervous cop at the beginning. There was no acting required. I was nervous as hell.